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Balat,Istanbul (by Aisling’s Photos)

Balat,Istanbul (by Aisling’s Photos)

Friday 05.07.2013

i-mansız is the best :)

Ilhan Mansiz: from World Cup hero to Olympic pairs figure skater?

The scorer of Turkey’s most important goal has his heart set on success in a second sporting career at the Sochi Winter Games

Ilhan Mansiz
Ilhan Mansiz and Olga Bestandigova hope to compete in the pairs figure skating at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Photograph: Corbis

Scoring the most important goal in your country’s history would be the zenith in the career of most professional athletes. Ilhan Mansiz did just that at the 2002 World Cup, yet a greater challenge lies ahead of him on the road to the 2014 Winter Olympicswhere he hopes to represent Turkey once again, this time, quite remarkably, in pairs figure skating.

A nomadic footballing journey began late for the former striker and included spells at Besiktas, the Japanese side Vissel Kobe and Hertha Berlin. It was cut short in 2007 when Mansiz was knocked down by a car at a pedestrian crossing in Munich and suffered terrible knee injuries.

After surgery, eight months recovering and a brief attempt to extend playing, he was offered a place on the TV show Buzda Dans, Turkey’s Dancing On Ice. Problems with the knee persisted but after falling for his dance partner Olga Bestandigova, one of the professionals on the programme who competed at the 2002 Winter Games, the pair formed a relationship that spurred them on to victory. Now they are loved up and training in America.

"It was Oli during the show who saw my potential," Mansiz says. "I always wanted to start a second sporting career after football but I never thought in my dreams it would be pairs skating.

"We are not expecting to get a medal but to be a part of the Olympics will mean much more than winning. It is also about encouraging people that no matter what, at any age, you can reach your dreams by believing and working hard."

What makes this surprising tale even more unlikely is that Mansiz’s left knee was torn to shreds by the crash six years ago. Sustaining medial ligament damage and with cartilage seemingly beyond repair, the fact that he and Bestandigova are now practising death star spirals, flying camels and double jumps on a rink in Arizona as they bid to qualify for Sochi next year is some turnaround.

"I would be the first athlete to compete in the World Cup and the Winter Olympics," says Mansiz, who is in the midst of a gruelling regime that involves six sessions of yoga, ballet and gym work every week, with plenty of time on the ice. "I had never even watched skating before I stepped on the ice for the first time when I was 32.

"There are two ways to qualify for Sochi. First is in March during the world championships, which we are not taking part in. Sixteen couples can qualify there and four more spots will be won in September at the Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf. We are planning to compete there to be one of the four best non-qualified pairs."

Mansiz, 37, was part of the Turkey side who finished third in Japan and South Korea in 2002, when Hakan Sukur, Hasan Sas, Emre, Tugay and Umit Davala combined to great effect to make Turkey a surprise package, losing narrowly to eventual champions Brazil in the semi-finals.

Sukur led the forward line on his own throughout the tournament with Mansiz accustomed to coming off the bench in the second half, making an impact when it mattered most. Turkey’s quarter-final with Senegal was goalless and edging towards a penalty shootout before Mansiz expertly steered Davala’s cross past Tony Sylva for a 94th-minute golden goal that sparked wild celebrations in Osaka. He then started the third-place play-off against South Korea and scored twice in a 3-2 victory.

"It was my breakthrough at the World Cup. I was always on the bench even though I was in better shape then Hakan Sukur, and we were always trying to explain to the coach [Senol Gunes] to play with two forwards but he was afraid of it. When I scored the goal I didn’t know it would be the most important of my career but it was the most remarkable goal in Turkish history."

Perhaps Mansiz’s penchant for extravagance should have been noted in 2002. Not only did he score that crucial goal against Senegal but he produced one of the most sublime pieces of skill in World Cup history, impudently flicking the ball over the head of Brazil’s Roberto Carlos when he was being shepherded out of play.

"The flick was a move I did a lot during practise but because it was the World Cup and Roberto Carlos, people keep it in their minds. Almost anybody that recognises me asks about that flick – most of the players got mad but we shook hands on the pitch afterwards and Roberto Carlos told me it was a nice move – such a sportsman."

From such a high in South Korea, Mansiz was at a low ebb five years later. “It ended my career,” he says of the car accident. “I was on my usual morning run to the park, crossing the street I waited for the pedestrian signal. As it showed green I started to run and halfway across a car accelerated and hit me on my left side, right underneath the knee. It got twisted and I flew three metres up in the air and landed on my shoulder on the car.”

Bestandigova revealed in an interview that before she met Mansiz she was dubious of being partnered on Buzda Dans with a footballer: “As far as I know they are dumb as a candy and they don’t know anything apart from kicking the ball and running around the pitch,” she told Absolute Skating. Mansiz admits the heavy schedule can be tough on the relationship but after moving to America and committing to qualification, everything so far is going to plan. They may not be the Turkish Torvill and Dean, but reaching Sochi would represent a unique achievement.

"We have a lot of fun when we practise together. Of course sometimes it gets too much with the busy schedule because we are doing everything together, but we survive," Mansiz says. "It was a big step to move to the States but in five months we have got close to our best. The last 10% is always the hardest to reach so we are working hard to be on course."

Friday 21.06.2013

Turkish hacker group Redhack claims responsibility for all tweets about Gezi protests


Hürriyet Photo
Hürriyet Photo

Hacker group Redhack has claimed responsibility for all tweets that were posted about the Taksim Gezi Park protests after the government announced that an investigation into the matter had been launched.

“The AKP [Justice and Development Party] is going to conduct an investigation. We have posted all tweets and hacked thousands of people’s computers. Don’t take on the innocent ones, we are here,” Redhack wrote on its Twitter account. “All accounts that retweet Redhack, write about Redhack, or organize the resistance, were hacked by us.”
Following the message by the group, Twitter users began to announce that they were hacked by Redhack with a hashtag “#redhacktarafındanhacklendik” (#wewerehackedbyredhack).
The government recently launched an investigation into the around 5 million tweets posted about the Gezi protests including the hashtags #occupygezi, #direngeziparkı  and #direngezi.
Redhack previously gave tips to protesters to avoid being charged with “sharing provocative messages” on social media after 29 people were detained for tweets related to the protests on June 5. If these tips fail to work, “users can tell the police that their account was hacked by Redhack. We would take the blame with pleasure,” the group said via Twitter. 
Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım stressed on June 19 that the government was working to “fight against cyber crime, not to regulate social media,” adding that crime was a crime in any place, including on social media.
Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç said people were free to communicate via social media, but if it was used to encourage crime and violence – referring to the Gezi Park protests – then deterrent measures should be taken.


Tuesday 18.06.2013
Turkey protests: Q&A (via Turkey’s ‘standing people’ protest spreads amid Erdoğan’s crackdown | World news | The Guardian)

i LOVE the ‘standing’ protestors! but seriously, a justin bieber t-shirt?

Turkey protests: Q&A (via Turkey’s ‘standing people’ protest spreads amid Erdoğan’s crackdown | World news | The Guardian)

i LOVE the ‘standing’ protestors! but seriously, a justin bieber t-shirt?

Monday 17.06.2013
Saturday 15.06.2013

Taksim Square protests: not a Turkish spring, but the new Young Turks
The movement so rudely shattered this week is reminiscent of a group credited with laying the groundwork for modern Turkey, Thursday 13 June 2013 19.00 BST

Protesters in Taksim square, Istanbul
'At Taksim the flag (bearing the image of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk) has served as a reminder of the cherished ideals that were being trampled by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – chiefly the separation of state and religion.' Photograph: Yannis Behrakis/Reuters

By now you will have seen pictures of police battles, burning tyres, riot shields and tear-gas – stricken protesters. These images have become so familiar to us over the past few years that we are almost immune to them. But what you can’t get from the pictures is the extraordinary transformation that took place in Taksim Square – the centre of Istanbul – in the space of a mere 10 days. It became a living, breathing community of peace, love and hope. “Woodstock” people whispered as they strolled amongst the stalls of free food and books, and the forests of posters and red flags. Too beautiful too last. We all knew that.

The organisation of the protesters has been impeccable: all over Gezi Park every inch of space is still covered by tents, blankets, tables laden with food, maps and information posts. Barricades block all the entrances so that only the trusted can enter. There is a library, a clinic, theatre masks and gas masks and even a garden. In order not to allow the municipality with its large vans to collect rubbish, each morning the community has been organising a roster of members to clean up the mess, passing bags along a human chain. Instead of the streams of relentless shoppers each caught in his own acquisitive world, people have felt free to engage one another in talk.

This movement which was so rudely shattered on Tuesday has historical precedents. The Young Turks were a diverse group of Turkish citizens who rebelled against Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II and his extremely authoritarian government in the early 20th century. They are often credited with laying the groundwork for the modernisation and ultimate demise of the Ottoman Empire. The association of the Young Turks with radical ideas and revolutionary change is so widespread that the term is often used in slang to refer to groups of youthful and politically active individuals who agitate for change.

Their origins lie in 1889, when an atmosphere of quiet dissent began to spread throughout the Ottoman Empire, primarily among students and disaffected members of the military. After a brief period of constitutional government from 1876-1878, the Sultan suspended the Turkish constitution, causing a great deal of unrest among many Ottoman citizens. The Young Turks began meeting in small cells to talk about the creation of a secular, constitutionally based government as an alternative to Turkey’s existing monarchy, and the movement quickly spread until 1906, when the Young Turks came out in the open and began to actively agitate for change.

At times, it was a group whose passion was greater than its vision. It got rid of one sultan only to replace him with his aged brother who had been dragged into the limelight from the palace where he had been imprisoned by Abdul Hamid for 30 years. Imagine his terror when he heard the 101-gun salute, followed by relief at being crowned Mehmed V.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern, secular Turkey, played a minor role in the Young Turk revolution, and those who have visited Takism square over the course of the last week will have noticed many red flags bearing his image. Those known as the Kemalists often worship their leader blindly. But at Taksim the flag has above all served as a reminder of the cherished ideals that were being trampled by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – chiefly the separation of state and religion. Turks are ready to gloss over the man’s failings because he helped to bring the modern republic into being. Erdoğan resents the power the great father still holds over his people, and longs to find a comparable role.

What began as a protest against the demolition of one of the few remaining green spaces in Istanbul has become a beacon of radicalisation for the whole country. Each night as dark falls, cities are alive with the banging of pots and pans. But there isn’t a coherent plan, rather a cry of pain. The prime minister has reacted with fury because try as he might, he can’t crush the social media. He has been defeated by tweets. And the police have over-reacted because for years they have been brought out in busloads whenever three people have gathered together, only to sit around for hours, chafing at the bit. At last they’ve had some real action.

For now the brief occupation of Taksim is over and soon the cars will be back after the blood has been scrubbed away and the debris removed. Erdoğan may show contempt for the capulcu but the bourse is suffering and potential investors are turning away. Those are things he can’t ignore for long.

Thursday 13.06.2013


RESIST METU!!! We, the undersigned members of Middle East Technical University, having had first-hand experience of police brutality during the recent visit of the Prime Minister to our campus on...


We, the undersigned members of Middle East Technical University, having had first-hand experience of police brutality during the recent visit of the Prime Minister to our campus on 18 December 2012, strongly oppose the mentality of the Turkish government which aims to impede the exercise of human rights and fundamental freedoms by the use of force and violence across the country.

In the face of such use of violence, we wholeheartedly support the rise of our people, especially the youth and women across the country, to defend their fundamental (human) rights and freedoms.

Mindful of the fact that the responsibility of what has been happening over the last two weeks lies solely with the government, we believe that the adoption of the just and legitimate demands of Taksim Solidarity constitutes a minimum requirement of democracy and rule of law.

We condemn the use of force and violence by the state authorities against those who are defending with dignity, their basic rights and freedoms, life styles, environment and society.

We deem it necessary to inform the public that all those who are responsible for the use of force and violence should be held accountable for their deeds.

Academic and Administrative Staff
Middle East Technical University, Ankara

ODTU direniyor 1

A. Fersun Paykoç,Prof. (R)A. Halis Akder, Prof.A. Metin Ger, Prof. (R)A. Suzan Oniz, Instr. (R)Abdulkadir Kuzlak, Res. Asst. Abdullah Ulaş, Prof.Adem Yeşilyurt, Res. Asst.Adil Oran, Assoc. Prof.Adnan Barlas, Assoc. Prof.Agah Hazır, Res. Asst. Ahmet Beyaz, Assoc. Prof.Ahmet C. Yalçıner, Prof.Ahmet İnam, Prof.Ahmet M. Önal, Prof.Ahmet N. Eraslan, Prof.Ahmet Üçer, Prof. (R)Akile Zorlu Durukan, Instr.Akın Akdağ,  Asst. Prof.Alageyik Balcıoğlu, Instr. (R).Alessandra Nicolosi, Instr.Ali Cengizkan, Prof.Ali Çırpan, Assoc. Prof.Ali Çulfaz, Prof. (R)Ali Gitmez, Prof. (E.)Ali Gökmen, Prof.Ali İhsan Arol, Prof.Ali Millioğulları, Instr. (R)Ali Muhtaroğlu,  Asst. Prof.Ali Özgür Yılmaz, Assoc. Prof.Ali Tolga Özden, Ph. D., Res. Asst. Ali Türel, Prof.Alpan Bek,  Asst. Prof.Anıl Albağlar, Instr.Anıl Ilgaz, Res. Asst.Anita Akkaş, Instr.(R)Anja Martin, Instr.Arif Ertaş, Prof.Armağan Kuru, Ph. D.Arzu Eke, Instr.Arzu Gönenç Sorguç, Assoc. Prof.Arzu Tuncay Koç,Instr.Aslı Günay, Res. Asst. Aslı Kutluk, Res. Asst.Aslı Niyazi,  Asst. Prof.Aslı Odabaşı Kuşgöz, Instr.Aslıhan Çoban, Res. Asst.Asuman Göksel,  Asst. Prof.Atakan Büke, Res. Asst.Ataman Özdemir, ExpertAtila Eralp, Prof.Attila Özgit, Ph. D.Aybar C. Acar,  Asst. Prof.Ayça Ergun, Assoc. Prof.Ayçil Oral, Instr.Ayda Eraydın, Prof.Aydan Balamir, Prof.Aydan Erkmen, Prof.Aydın Alatan, Prof.Aykut Coşkun, Res. Asst.Aykut Eken, Res. Asst. Aykut Kence, Prof.Ayla Özdemir, Instr.Aylin Ege, Assoc. Prof.Aylin Graves, Instr.Aylin Topal,  Asst. Prof.Ayşe Ayata, Prof.Ayşe Elvan Gündüz, Res. Asst. Ayşe Esra İyidoğan, Instr.Ayşe Gündüz Hoşgör, Prof.Ayşe İdil Aybars,  Asst. Prof.Ayşe Saktanber, Prof.Ayşe Tavukçuoğlu, Assoc. Prof.Ayşe Tolunay, LecturerAyşegül Aydıngün, Assoc. Prof.Ayşegül Birand,  Assoc. Prof.Aysel Merve Çavuş, Instr.Ayşem Karadag-Ötkür, Instr.Ayşen Akkaya, Prof.Ayşen Ergin, Prof.Ayşen Savaş, Prof.Ayşen Tezcaner, Assoc. Prof.Ayşen Yılmaz, Prof.Ayşen Yılmazer, Instr.Aysu Betin Can, Instr.B. Özgür Sarıoğlu, Prof.Babacan, Taşdemir, Res. Asst.Bahar Gedikli, Assoc. Prof.Bahar Sener-Pedgley, Assoc. Prof.Bakış Kutlu Kurtuluş, Instr.Banu Aksel Gürün, Ph. D. Instr.Banu Cingöz-Ulu,  Asst. Prof.Banu Günel,  Asst. Prof.Banu Sıtkı, LecturerBanu Tuncay, Instr.Barış Alkan, Res. Asst. Barış Çakmur, Ph. D.Barış Mücen, Ph. D.Barış Salihoğlu,  Asst. Prof.Başak Ağın Dönmez, Instr.Başak Alpan,  Asst. Prof.Başak Öztürk, Ph. D.Başak Şahin, Ph. D.Begümşen Ergenekon, Ph. D.Belgin Turan Özkaya, Prof.Belkıs Garip, Res. Asst. Bengi Öner Özkan, Prof.Bengü Taşkesen, Instr.Berat Kılıç, Res. Asst. Beril Besbinar, Res. Asst. Beril Yılmaz Senem, Res. Asst. Berin Gür, Assoc. Prof.Berrak Kekeç, Res. Asst.Besim Can Zırh, Ph. D.Besime Erkmen, Instr.Bilal Kırkıcı, Asst. Prof.Bilge İmer,  Assoc. Prof.Bilge Say, Ph. D.Bilge Serin, Res. Asst.Bilgehan Ögel, Prof.Bilgin Kaftanoğlu, Prof.Binnur Özkan, ExpertBirsen Pir Halıcı, ManagerBirten Çelik,  Asst. Prof.Buket Yeniyol, StaffBuket Zaifoglu, Res. Asst. Bülent Doyum, Prof.Bülent İçgen, Assoc. Prof.Bülent Karasözen, Prof.Burak Büyükcivelek, Ph. D.Burak Yedierler, Assoc. Prof.Burçak Özoğlu, Ph. D.Burcin Cihan, Res. Asst. Burcu Akata Kurç, Assoc. Prof.Burcu Altan Sakarya, Assoc. Prof.Burcu Babayiğit, Res. Asst.Burcu Binboğa, Res. Asst.Burcu Erciyas, Assoc. Prof.Buse Gönül, Res. Asst. Çagatay Candan, Assoc. Prof.Çağatay Keskinok,  Assoc. Prof.Çağatay Topal,  Asst. Prof.Çağla Doğan,  Asst. Prof.Çağlar Dölek, Res. Asst.Çağlar Güven, Prof. (R)Çağrı Çetintepe, Res. Asst. Çağrı Topal,  Asst. Prof.Can Baykan, Prof. Can Bilgin, Assoc. Prof.Can İz Yemişcioğlu, StaffCan Özen, Asst. Prof.Cana Bilsel, Prof.Canan Büyükaşık Çolak, Res. Asst.Canan Çilingir, Prof.Canan Sepil, Assoc. Prof.Canan Sümer, Prof.Canan Toker, Prof. (R)Canan Ünlü, Ph. D.Caner Durucan, Assoc. Prof.Caner Özdemir, Res. Asst.Cansu Canaran, Ph. D. Instr.Cansu Göktan, Instr.Carter Mandrik,  Asst. Prof.Celal Abdi Güzer, Prof.Celal F. Gökçay, Prof.Celal Yurdakul, ExpertCem İyigün,  Asst. Prof.Cemile Kılıç, Instr.Cengiz Savaş Aşkun,  Asst. Prof.Cengiz Yılmaz, Prof.Cennet Engin Demir, Assoc. Prof.Ceren Ergenç,  Asst. Prof.Ceren Gamze Yaşar, Res. Asst. Çetin Hoşten, Prof.Çetin Yılmaz, Prof.Cevat Güven, ManagerCeyhan Kayran, Prof.Ceylan Tokluoğlu, Assoc. Prof.Çiğdem Atakuman,  Assoc. Prof.Çiğdem Erbuğ, Assoc. Prof.Çiğdem Haser, Ph. D.Cihan Yıldırım-Yücel, ExpertCihangir Tanyeli, Prof.Çınla Akdere,  Asst. Prof.Claire Özel, Instr.Cüneyt F. Bazlamaçcı, Assoc. Prof.D. Ali Kaş, Prof. (R).D. Lale Gürbüz, Instr. (R)Dalsu Özgen, Instr.Defne S. Kafadar, Lecturer.Demet Köksal, Instr.Demir Altıner, Prof.Deniz Atikoğlu, Instr.Deniz Bulgan, Res. Asst. Deniz Canel Çınarbaş, Assoc. Prof.Deniz Çekmecelioğlu, Asst. Prof.Deniz Erdem, Res. Asst.Deniz Esin Emer, Res. Asst. Deniz Genç Tokgöz, Res. Asst. Deniz Güryuva, Instr. (R)Deniz Kılınçoğlu, Ph. D.Deniz Şallı-Çopur, Ph. D. Instr.Didar Lale Gürbüz, Instr. (R)Didem Egemen, Res. Asst.Dilara Yetkin, Instr.Dilek Basar Baskaya, Ph.D. Instr.Dilek Çeltik, Instr.Dilek Keskin, Assoc. Prof.Doğu Erdener, Assoc. ProfDuygu Canan Öztürk, Res. Asst. Duygu Cihanger, Res. Asst. Ebru Boyar, Assoc. Prof.Ebru Voyvoda, Assoc. Prof.Eda Işık Taş, Ph. D.Eda Sun Selışık, Ph. D.Edibe Serra Ayken, Instr.Ediz Paykoç, Prof. (R)Ekin AkoğluEkin Erbatur Kocabaşoğlu, StaffEkin Gedik, Res. Asst. Ela Babalık Sutcliffe, Assoc. Prof.Elanur Yılmaz, Res. Asst.Elçin Kartal Koç, Ph. D.Elçin Kentel, Assoc. Prof.Elif Akbostancı, Assoc. Prof.Elif Akın, Faculity SecretaryElif Deniz, Instr.Elif Er, Instr.Elif Kemeröz, ExpertElif Öztabak-Avcı,  Asst. Prof.Elif Sarıtaş, Res. Asst. Elif Şeşen, Instr.Elif Yılmaz, ProgrammerElvan Altan Ergut, Assoc. Prof.Emin Özsoy, Prof.Emin Zerman, Res. Asst. Emine Hale Göktürk, Prof.Emine Kortan, Instr.Emine Mertsoy, Instr.Emine N. Caner-Saltık, Prof.Emine Şebnem Avıoğlu, Instr.Emrah Yıldırım, Res. Asst. Emre Artun, Ph. D.Emre Ege, Res. Asst. Emre Hasan Akbayrak, ExpertEmre Özçelik, Assoc. Prof.Emre Tuna, Assoc. Prof.Emren Esentürk,  Asst. Prof.Ender Okandan, Prof.Ender Peker, Res. Asst.Engin Kaça, LecturerEngin Karaesmen, Ph. D. (R)
Engin Küçükkaya, Assoc. Prof.Engin Tuncer, Prof.Enis Arık, Res. Asst.Enis DüzEnver Bulur, Prof.Ercan Gürses,  Asst. Prof.Erçin Okursoy, Res. Asst.Erdal Bayramlı, Prof.Erdal Özmen, Prof.Erdin Bozkurt, Prof.Erdinç Çakıroğlu, Assoc. Prof.Erdoğan Yıldırım, Assoc. Prof.Eres Söylemez, Prof.Ergun Kandilci, Instr.Erhan Güzel, LecturerErhan İlhan Konukseven, Prof.Erhan Karaesmen, Ph. D. (R)Erhan O. İltan, Prof.Erkan Erdil, Prof.Erkan Mumcuoğlu, Prof.Erkin Eryol, Res. Asst. Erol Can Vatansever, Res. Asst. Erol Şahin, Assoc. Prof.Erol Taymaz, Prof.Ersan Akyıldız, Prof.Ersin Tulunay, Prof. (R)Esen Kondakçı, Assoc. Prof.Eser Anlağan, Instr.Esin Tezer, Prof.Esma Gaygısız,  Assist . Prof.Esra Demirkol, Res. Asst.Esra Müşiç, Instr.Esra Özbay, LecturerEvrim Baran,  Asst. Prof.Evrim Yalçın, Instr.Eyüp Özveren, Prof.Ezgi Toplu Demirtaş, Res. Asst.F. Dilek Sanin, Prof.Fahriye Özçoban Üstüner, Assoc. Prof.Faruk Yalvaç, Assoc. Prof.Fatma Ataman, Ph. D. Instr.Fatma Ateş, StaffFatma Coşkun, Tech. 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Editorial Note:

Following a municipality decision on Gezi Park in Taksim, İstanbul, those who wanted to use their democratic rights to protest the cutting down of the trees and demolishing of the park has been subject to the fierce intervention of the police and the government. The events got worse and became dreadful lately. Police interventions that caused deaths, injuries and countless unjust treatments have received huge reaction and the protests that started in İstanbul spread into many cities with countless number of people’s involvement. Since the government viewed the protestors as ‘enemies’ and continued its fierce interventions and accusations, the events have turned into a public wound. Like many sensitive people and institutions, academics and employees of many universities have also criticised the government’s attitude and called the government to stop its fierce attitude and irreconcilable approach. One of the most organised and strongest reactions came from the academics and employees of Middle East Technical University (METU). Considering Turkish media’s censoring attitude during the protests, academics and employees of METU have sent their signed statement to Centre for Policy Analysis and Research on Turkey (ResearchTurkey) in order to be published. We are sharing this statement with our readers with our respect for differing opinions and as a pre-requisite of democracy.


Taksim Square protests bring hope to Turkish musicians

Liberal rock bands who feared drift towards socially conservative authoritarianism say protests are an awakening

Drummers in Taksim Square
Drummers in Taksim Square, Istanbul. Photograph: Matthew Collin for the Guardian

When riot police launched their first raid on Taksim Square in Istanbul two weeks ago, somewhere in the melee was Serhat Köksal, the pioneer of politically charged Turkish electro music. Fleeing through the clouds of teargas as the police advanced, Köksal – who performs under the name 2/5BZ – collapsed into a construction trench, breaking both of his arms.

Still recovering after surgery that left him with 24 titanium pins in his limbs, Köksal was unable to take part in the mass protests that followed the police raid. But many other Istanbul musicians have joined the rallies against a government that they believe threatens their freedom and way of life.

Barkin Engin, of Replikas, an alternative rock band, said the Erdoğan administration’s redevelopment of Taksim Square and its planned destruction of Gezi Park was a tipping point.

"The park became a symbol but there are many things behind this resistance," he said, citing restrictions on freedom of speech, limits on alcohol and abortion, the privatisation of public spaces and "an undemocratic prime minister who thinks he’s the nation’s father figure and uses religion to gain popularity".

The injured Köksal, meanwhile, described the protests as a folk war. “The struggle against the state is a struggle for being human,” he said.

Rock musicians initially took to the streets as individual activists, fuelled by fury at the police’s brutality. “It was very emotional and actually quite magical, how it started. After all the hopelessness and powerlessness we had been feeling for so long, at that moment there was nothing else we could do but go to the streets,” said Ekin Sanaç, of the female electro duo Kim Ki O, whose most recent album Grounds explored the “depression” they felt before the protests erupted.

Before riot police moved in to retake Taksim Square on Tuesday this week, the Gezi Park occupation had evolved into a non-stop free festival. The carnival atmosphere was muted by the early-morning crackdown, but demonstrators defied the authorities the following day by dancing a mass tango in gas masks.

There has been an outpouring of songs inspired by the protests, although the one that has resonated most deeply – Eyvallah, by the pop-rock band Duman, with lyrics about police brutality, batons and pepper spray and the defiant message “we are still free” – was written beforehand.

"Music helps create a sense of solidarity," said Berna Göl, of Kim Ki O. "It spreads the feeling and the idea and it encourages the people who are on the streets."

The protest sympathisers who hammered out rhythms using kitchen utensils on their balconies while marchers filed past in the streets below inspired another band, Kardeş Türküler, to write a tribute titled The Sound of Pots and Pans.

One of the most popular anthems on YouTube is Every Day I’m Çapuling, a collage of news clips including a protester in a gas mask moonwalking behind the barricades, cut to LMFAO’s exuberant pop hit Party Rock Anthem. Its title was a satirical poke at Erdoğan, who notoriously described the Taksim demonstrators as çapulcar – marauders.

Turkey actually has a long history of protest rock dating back to the politically turbulent 1970s, with singers such as Selda Bağcan and Cem Karaca delivering socially-conscious lyrics in the years before the 1980 military coup. The army takeover saw many such songs banned and some musicians including Karaca going into self-imposed exile, while Bağcan was jailed several times for her opposition stance.

Some of the more psychedelic tunes from this “Anadolu pop” era have recently seen a revival of interest with a series of compilation albums including re-edit master Bariş K’s Istanbul 70, while Bağcan has been sampled by rapper Mos Def, but the music was often shorn of its political context when it was repackaged for Western audiences.

A few 70s protest songs were revived during the recent rallies, but plans to stage a major protest concert in Taksim Square attracted strong criticism on social networks. “One of the reasons was that those famous pop musicians already have their stage, and this is a stage for everyone. There is no hierarchy,” said Göl.

Despite the police offensive, many musicians who have been on the Taksim Square frontlines believe that some kind of collective psychological victory has been achieved. Both Replikas and Kim Ki O described what had happened as “an awakening”.

"Although emotionally things are quite rough now because of the terrible violence, of course there is hope and of course a lot has been gained already," Sanaç said.

An offer of a referendum on the park’s future has not calmed passions. “A referendum is something but it’s not enough,” said Gökçe Gürçay, of the folk-rock band Gevende, who was teargassed in the square when the police moved in this week.

It was perhaps inevitable that Istanbul’s liberal rock musicians would embrace the resistance movement. But some of them say it has banished the isolation they were feeling in a country that they feared was drifting closer towards socially conservative authoritarianism.

"One month ago, if you asked me, I would have said there was no hope for change," Gürçay said. "One month ago, we were talking about which country should we move to. Now we see that there is a future here."

Saturday 08.06.2013

Gezi Park Philharmonic (by dogugod)

Thursday 06.06.2013

Word origin | Çapulcu

Mavi Boncuk |
first mentioned 1500 Pavet de Courteille, Dictionnaire Turc Oriental, Paris 1870, facsimile printing 1972.[from Caghatay Turkish] çapawul EN Raid, Attack TR akın, saldırı

first mentioned 1700 TDK, Tarama Sözlüğü, 3. baskı, Ankara 1995.. [Tartar Turkish] çapul   combined word from çap EN to run, gallop, organized raid TR - koşmak, dörtnala gitmek, akın etmek +AgUl → çarp +ağul/+awul common suffix from Caghatay dialect and Mongolian. Turkish use possibly borrowed from Mongolian.

çapulcu noun EN who engages in raid. raider, depredator, freebooter, looter, marauder, plunderer, swag man